Top 3 Minimalist Vloggers

As you all may know, I am an advocate of minimalism and I’m trying my best to become more minimalistic from the items that I own to the way I decorate my place. There’s something about how you can create a space with less stuff that makes you feel amazing! If you want to learn more about minimalism in my personal life, check out my post that explains it all.

My minimalism journey isn’t something that I was able to start immediately; I had to Google it! I also used sites such as Pinterest and YouTube for more resources and advice from people who were on the same path as me. Here are a few of my favorite YouTubers who’s minimalism vlogs helped me the most!

Brittney Stone | IG: @house0faesthetics


I found her page later on in my minimalistic searches, but she’s a YouTuber who’s aesthetic was one that I was instantly drawn to. Not only does she have amazing fashion sense, but she slays with having only a few items in her closet (she’s #goals). I also follow her on Instagram and her page layout is flawless.

Ambrosia Malbrough | IG: @brosiaaa


Ambrosia Malbrough is #lifegoals. She’s been an inspiration to me since the beginning of my natural hair journey and I’ve always admired the work she does and the person she is. I love her videos on natural hair, make up, daily vlogs, and she is the initial person who inspired me to transition to a more minimal lifestyle. Ambrosia’s minimalism videos offer tips for starting minimalism as well as advice on how to explain your minimalism lifestyle to others and closet tours.

Ciara O Doherty | IG: @ciaraodoherty


The first time I watched one of Ciara’s videos I initially thought, “Her accent is adorable!” My second thought? “She has the capsule wardrobe down pat.” Seriously. If you want tips on how to establish a capsule wardrobe, I would tune into Ciara’s videos ASAP. In case you didn’t know, a capsule wardrobe is a closet of staple pieces, often for a specific season. Many minimalists have wardrobes like this for each season. Not only did her decluttering video inspire me–her style is everything!

All three of these ladies are perfect examples of minimalists who have style and the proof is on each of their channels. If minimalism seems like the journey for you, take a look at their videos for some inspo!






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